What is Agents of Change?


Agents of Change is an innovative leadership development program that empowers a diverse team of high school students with leadership skills, mentorship, an internship opportunity, and resources to lead action projects in the community.

The program consists of:

  • Introductory Dinner, Team Challenge and 3-day Leadership Training Institute
  • Three-week intensive schedule where Agents work in teams with College Coaches to invent a Leadership In Action project (LIA) (community service project):
    • Mondays and Fridays: Leadership Training, Community Visits, and Teambuilding Activities
    • Tuesdays - Thursdays: Internships in the morning, LIA in the afternoon
  • LIA Fair and Awards Ceremony at the end of July
  • Participants will have the option to continue internships for 30-35 hrs/week in August

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Program Objectives

  • Develop the leadership skills of all participants
  • Empower a diverse team of High School students
  • Expose students to the collegiate and corporate environment
  • Provide High School students with the opportunity to intern at organizations in both the public and private sectors
  • Prepare a diverse group of local college students for leadership roles in their career futures
  • Create a forum to discuss leadership issues
  • Develop student-driven action plans to tackle community-issues
  • Create a community leadership network
  • Strengthen university relationships with the community
  • Strengthen corporate relationships with the community

Leadership Competencies

  • Self-Awareness
  • Communication
  • Vision & Goal-setting
  • Servant Leadership
  • Ethics and Character
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Appreciating Diversity
  • Leading Change
  • Teamwork and Group Process


Participants are mostly rising sophomores and juniors from Boston area high schools. These students are trained by local college students and corporate volunteers who serve as coaches and mentors. Occaisionally corporate teams join us on select community outings and trainings.

The Agents of Change Team fosters a diverse team of high school students, college coaches, volunteers and corporate partners ranging from those involved extensively in service and leadership to those whose interest has just peaked. Our team is diverse on all levels and experiences.

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Summer 2004 Update

Agents of Change launched for the first time in the summer of 2004 with great success. 100% of participants surveyed said that overall they were satisfied with the program and would recommend it to a friend. The program sprung forth collaborative partnerships between a number of organizations that are listed below. We hope you will join us next summer!

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Summer 2004 Internships

Summer 2004 Community Visits and Service Partners

High Schools of Agent Alumni

Colleges of Current and Previous Coaches and Directors

Program Description

Each summer, the college student coaches begin their training and orientation late-June. The high school students begin in July with an initial intensive leadership training program hosted at Northeastern University and occasionally on site at sponsoring corporations.

Following the Leadership Training Institute the participants are part of a rigorous schedule promoting experiential learning. The participant schedule consists of an internship in the public or private sector, forums and panel discussions, and planning time for each team's "Leadership in Action" project. Events include training, trips, speakers, and service projects. There are five teams, with each team consisting of six high school participants, two college students, and one or more corporate volunteers. The participants will also receive individual coaching and support from the corporate and college coaches on a weekly basis. Corporate coaches are responsible for providing support to the high school participants through skill building and individual mentoring, as well as showing their support for their teams by participating in the special events.

Teams conclude the program with the implementation of their culminating Leadership In Action project. Graduates of the program are invited to participate in additional training opportunities, events, and ongoing communication so that the relationships they develop with teammates and coaches are sustained even after the project concludes. The program then begins again the following summer.

Summer 2005 Calendar

Click here for a detailed calendar from AOC 2005.

The most recent Agents of Change program took place from 9am until 4pm Monday through Friday (excluding Monday July 4th) from June 29, 2005 until July 29, 2005. In addition, participants attended:

  • Introductory Staff and Team Dinner on June 30
  • Cookout and kickball tournament the evening of July 19, and
  • Leadership In Action Fair/Awards Ceremony on Sunday, July 31 from 3pm - 7pm.

Agents will have the option to continue internships for 30-35 hrs/week in August through the 19th.

There will also be a training for Leadership Coaches Wednesday, June 29 and Thursday, June 30 from 9am - 4pm.


Northeastern University Agents of Change is based at Northeastern University. On Mondays and Fridays we go on experiential learning field trips throughout the city. In addition, each Agent has his or her own internship at an organization in Boston. Subway passes are provided for team members and coaches.