EnVision Leadership Inc.

105 Chauncy Street, Suite 300
Boston, MA 02111
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Fax: 617-695-2435
www.envisionleadership.com www.shareleadership.org

Get Involved

Are you interested in teaching students about leadership? EnVision Leadership seeks individuals that want to exercise their leadership ability by serving as a leadership coach for training sessions.

EnVision Leadership Advisors consist of volunteers that are committed to the vision and growth of EnVision Leadership. This group serves as a resource for EnVision Leadership in advising on strategy, marketing, curriculum development, fundraising, and introducing the organization to new opportunities.

Do you know a foundation or corporation that is interested in sponsoring educational opportunities for students? EnVision Leadership seeks financial sponsorship for a wide variety of programs that involve diverse groups of participants.

Do you know a group of students that could benefit from leadership training? Our organization customizes programs to meet the developmental needs of a wide range of audiences. Our interactive training sessions engage participants in reflecting upon their own leadership potential, and help groups of students understand leadership as a team process.

EnVision Leadership is dedicated to developing innovative leadership training programs that empower students to impact their communities. Our organization actively seeks new curricula and programming ideas.

EnVision Leadership is 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that welcomes individual financial contributions and the donation of in kind resources. All donations are tax deductible.